Gear reduction starter


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Heh everyone, Has anyone installed one of the permanent magnet starters on their 200 or 250. If so, how does it wire up ? I just got one for the 200-250, 2 bolt starters and instead of just the one wire going to it, it has one lug , and a spade off of a solenoid mounted on top of it. I believe it will work, but I need to know how to wire it up. It only weighs 7 1/2#'s vs. 20+ for the regular starter, and it is only 2 1/2" diameter, making a lot more room from the very hot headers.
I looked at one of those and even bought one and took it home and it hit the side of the block. I did talk to the guy on how to wire it though. Just run the wire from the original solenoid to teh new solenoid on the starter. Run the original power wire to the starter like you woudl ont he normal starter.

I hope this makes sense. He said it was not too tough, but liek I said, the gear reduction on hit my block.

It woudl be nioce to not have it interfer with teh headers though.

8) bill's way is the new way to do it. the other way is to run the cable from the solenoid to the starter lug as normal, and runa jumper wire from the lug to the solenoid. either way works well, but i think the way bill explaned works better as some people have complaned about the starter dragging when engauging and releasing.
Myself and a few other people on this post have been looking for a smaller starter that fits 200's . Can you give more details on the starter- brand and part number?
8) you might try mean green industries, they carry a variety of gear reduction starters. also try powermaster(i think), they are sold in the summit racing catalog.
Actually guys, I don't think this is a true gear reduction starter, it has a planetary gear set in the front of the starter and it is called permanent magnet starters. Just go to the search engine you use and type in permanent magnet starter, .These are about 2 1/2" in diameter and weigh about 7 1/2#'s. The cost is pretty steep, but they are a lot smaller and would give you plenty of clearance if they work. You can get a rebuild for around 125.00 or they are around 300.00 for new around here anyway. I will let you know if they work or not , I am going to install it today. Remember, I have the bb 200, which has the low mount starter, like the 250. I can't say how it will fit on the high mount 200's.
Heh everyone, the small starters do work and fit fine with plenty of room to spare, the planetary gears have a nice whiring sound to them. Remember that this is on a BB 200 or 250 with starter mounted low. Plenty of header clearance now, shouldn't have to worry about heat gettingto the starter. I wired it up like Bill said to works fine.
That's the one Oke, plenty of clearance for headers and no problem installing bolts. When I used the 88 couger starter, it was smaller, but could not get a bolt in the top, had to use a piece of 3/8" threaded rod 8-9 " long with double nuts.
so I remember before the shutdown there was dicussion on using a 2.3L starter on a standard 144-170-200 what was the outcome of that? I got a 2.3L OHC gear reduction starter laying around so will that work?

You may want to give ALTERSTART SYSTEMS INC. from Dallas Texas
214-330-5900. They use a Nippondenso gear reduction starter with a CNC
nose piece that allows you to index starter in 16 different positions for
clearence. $125 will get you starter with shipping. They also offer the
perm. magnet type starter.
Wow.That's the Toyota Crown starter motor with the CNC machined adaptor pioneered, I think, by Rod Hatfield at CRS in Australia!

The item is used on all Cleveland and Windsor V8's with 4 into 1 big headers in Australia. They are very reliable. In Oz, they cost AUD340. I haven't done a search on Tilton starters, but ten years ago they were the ultimate in 'little starter motors that could'!