Good tricks from the old archives



The board seems a little slow since the archives went down so I thought I would propose a topic. I learned a lot of things that helped me out from the old archives so how about re-posting what you learned that worked well.

Here's mine-

1. Somebody suggested installing a Clifford port divider by grinding it to fit and cleaning the head the best you can. Then using Moroso A&B epoxy which is a putty cosistency to cover the divider, especially the back, then squish it in there. You can then wipe away the excess and even round out the corners. This worked really well and there is no way that thing will move and there isnt a leak between the ports at the back like there inevitably is when you install it dry

And another of my favorites-

2. When I did my Granada swap I was losing my mind trying to double flare brake lines- out of twenty tries I only got one right. Then somebody on the forum suggested annealing the tip of the line berfore flaring by heating it red hot and letting it cool slowly to make it less work hardened. Then I did the whole car with a 100% sucess rate.

Oh and one more-

When you rent a spring compressor to do the shelby mod and v-8 steering swap you will do. Don't let your dog chew up the box- then you bought it.
When I did my last spring swap, I rented a compressor from Checker. I got it in the spring, and all hooked up (down the middle type) but when i started cranking on it, the bolt through the middle bottomed out. Of course we didnt notice that right away and the bottom of the compressor pulled the bottom of the spring off the perch, but the top was still firmly pressing against the top of the shock tower. Luckily we noticed before we tried to remove the spring, but not before the bottom half of the puller had stripped the threads from the through bolt. Checker tried to tell me that I would have to buy it since I broke it, and I told them that *if* they made me buy it, I would return it as soon as I got the replacement (its their return policy, and I dont want a tool that breaks that easily) So after about 10 min of me trying to explain it to the clerk he went and talked to his manager and they refunded me my money..

springs, springs, such wonderful things, everyone know it's springs....