Header/Divider Installed!! :)



I finally got the header/divider installed!!!!

Went out and started work at about 9am. The old exhaust manifold came off really easy. I sawed off a good chunk of my original piping so I could remove the manifold. I then cleaned up the port faces a little and test fit the divider. I could see that I would need to grind the sides and top a bunch. Well after 45 min of grinding/fitting I finally got it in. Thanks to Slade (CobraSix) I had some epoxy to use instead of welding. I put epoxy all over the divider and put it in the head. I then used a hair dryer to speed up the curing. I then pulled off the starter because I thought it would be easier to put the headers in without it. Well I get the headers on, spend 20 min getting the bolts in (some are a PIA to get in) and go to put the started back in. Won't go on! Dangit! So I needed to unbolt the header, put the starter back on and rebolt the headers on. I then go inside while the epoxy is hardening. About three hours later, I start it up to check for leaks. WOW....open headers are LOUD LOL! I didn't expect them to be that loud for a six...but they were. Then I head over to the exhaust shop to get my mufflers/pipes put on. Took me about 25 min to get to the exhaust shop. The whole way there everyone was giving me thumbs up and telling me how great my car (with open headers) sounded. Also passed two cops but threw it into neutral to be safe. Finally got to the shop. They spent about two hours cutting/bending pipes and welding my Borla ProXS mufflers on. Started it up for the first time! Sounded AWESOME. Not loud at idle, but when I hit the gas it ROARED. Drove it around the block and felt a significant increase in power. Took it to my friends house who I haven't seen in a while. His first words were...."you finally got smart and dropped a v8 in there, huh?" I popped the hood and saw his jaw drop! :)

Just though i'd share my fun filled Saturday with you! Thanks for the advice prior to installation...and thanks again Slade for the epoxy!


Let me know how that epoxy works. My engine/tranny are in...but not running yet. It should be strong enough...much better then what you can get in stores...2300 degrees, machinable epoxy should be okay.

Well even though I shouldn't....i've been speeding around all weekend and no sign of it coming loose yet. I think it'll definatley hold up until the rebuild.

oh that was YOU! I thought it was an earthquake. man I was ready to move to Topeka.
It was stuff that I remembered using on a turbine exhaust trunk on the ship I used to be stationed on. I hunted down the company and ordered some. Turbine exhaust is much hotter than anything our little engines can kick out.