Help again...need distributor information...


VIP 2 of engine re-assembly is going pretty good. i've the got cam shaft in, the double roller timing gear set on, the oil pump on. I'm stuck on the distributor though. I'm trying to make sure that I get distributor on the right gear. Anyone describe or take a picture of the rotor at TDC on a 68 block, dual advance distributor?

Does it really matter so long as I mark where TDC is for the rotor and put the wires on in the right order from there? Thanks.

When you installed the Timing gears and locked everything together at TDC on the compression stroke for Number one, that is the best time to install the dizzy....

Get the rotor in pointed at number one, and postion the canister to allow you room to adjust for advance later..... if you are off a tooth either way you should be able to adjust, just try a notch to the left or right and you will find the right one.....

Watch you Oil Pump shaft, make sure everything seats up nicely....
I've done all of that....problem is that I don't know where #1 TDC is supposed to be on the distributor. I took the cap off my other engine and know don't know which way is TDC. Where is the rotor supposed to be pointing?


I have mine set so that #1 points directly to the drivers side front tire. This should give enough room for the timing adjustment. Look on the cap. The outputs are numbered. Put on the cap, position the engine with cyl #1 on TDC of compression stroke, and insert dizzy. The gears will mesh just about anywhere, but with the cap on, you know where #1 should be. Just insert dizzy until the gears mesh where number 1 is marked on the cap, (Obviously, once you see the position it needs to be in, remove the cap.) and you are there.

Sorry I missunderstood your problem.

Mustang66 is correct. If you are standing over the drivers fender then the number one connection should be closest to you 6 o'clock, with the advance canister pointing straight back to the firewall.....

but you should have the cap off, since the rotor and housing are two different items you want the rotor to point at the Number One Connection on the dizzy when you install it...
Make sure you are at TDC on the right stroke of the engine. Don't have it 180 degrees off.....ask me how i know.

I just set mine so TDC #1 had the rotor pointing perpendicular to the engine while the distributor vacuum tube was parallel. Made it easy to visually align.

I also found it was easier to align if I took the oil pump shaft out, then put the distributor in and lined it up, and then inserted the oil pump shaft from the bottom of the engine and then put the oil pump on. Originally I was trying to line the distributor up with the oil pump already in place. That was really difficult.