how do i adjust the carb.....



ok i just put on a new autolight 1100 and it has a slight problem. when i go up a slight bumb or any elevation on the front end it will try to die. if you remember my last post about a problem similar to this I asure you its different and not that bad. i think i have to adjust the floats or the bowl in the carb??? because its not level or somthing like that. is it that hard to do this or can it be done rather quickly???

oh and i would just like to say that I was wrong about the six when i first came to this forum I was sceptical because i had a delema....i had a really crappy and guttless six. after i re-built it and put on a new carb and basically everything else...minuse the alternator...literally :LOL: i was amased!! it was 20x better and i can easily spin the tires and really get going in that car like i always wanted it to. thanks for telling me to keep it. she's my pride and joy now ;)

The float sounds like the problem...not too hard to adjust. Should just be a pin and adjust the arm.

Don't worry about the I6 comments...most of us have thought evil thoughts from time to time. The dark side is strong. I thought about the V-8 at first too until I found this wonderful forum.