how to determing tdc for a piston



I recently reinstalled the head on my 65 200ci engine. I need to adjust the valves now, but I'm a bit confused as to how I can tell when any given piston is at TDC. Any tips, hints suggestions on this? All help greatly appreciated.
Rob, Finding tdc is not too tough. Remove the # 1 plug and put a socket on the crank pulley. Since you are adjusting the valves , I assume you already have the valve cover off. Turn the motor over , watching the valves until they both are closed, and the piston is coming up in the cylinder. Put your thumb over the #1 spark plug hole so you can feel the compression. When the piston reaches the top, you have found TDC. I sometimes put a pencil in the spark plug hole so I can watch it come up..when you finish with #1, move to #5,(next cylinder in the firing order)turn the crank 60 degrees, and you should be at tdc on #5. Continue through the firing order until all of your adjustments are finished. Ihope this helps, it was easier for me to do it than to explain it. I'm sure somebody out there will correct me if I forgot any details.