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I had my Hudson out to the eighth mile drags the other day, and I got in the 8's with it. I ran an 8.91 and an 8.86. The 8.86 was against an Acura NSX. He got me at the end of the track, but he had to squeeze it to do it!
Cool, do you have any pics you could post?? Are you running the 308 in it?? what kind of mods have you done to it?? ... racer.msnw

There is a link to photos of my car. It has a 353 cubic inch Hudson flathead six (started as a 308CID... bored 1/16" over and stroked 1/2"). Homemade tubular tunnelram with two Rochester 2G carbs. Isky 446/280 cam. Milled Clifford head(11.25:1). Fluiddamper, zero gap rings, solid copper head gasket ported runners, relieved block, electric fan, aluminum radiator, Stock distributor converted to magnetic trigger for the MSD6AL box. Big Block 727 torqueflyte trans with 2800 stall converter. Dana rear with 4.10:1 gears and welded spiders.
Look close at the last photo... It pulls the front wheels on launch.

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Very cool! We used to do the valve relief on our go-carts back in my dirt track days,what is the factory bore & stroke on the Hudson 308?? If a old Hudson with a flat head 6 can do that, then I think the Ford 300 six is WAY underestimated!!! But that is proof of what the inline 6's are capable of!!
Oh Man!

I would have loved to have had your car back in my street racing days. I would have made a ton of money with it! :D

The stock bore an stroke on a Hudson 308 is 3 13/16 x 4 1/2. My race motor is 3 7/8 x 5. I've been trying to single out the 5.0 Mustangs at the track... They get quite embarrassed after being beaten by an ugly old six banger that has been out of production for over 45 years.

Keep those Hudsons buzzin'
I figured that the stroke was larger than the bore, back in those days most engines were laid out like that; I was allways told that engines that are "under-square" were slow turners.What is the RPM limit on this engine??& what are th HP/torqe numbers???did you dyno that engine??
I've never dyno'd the car, but I would like to find a chassis dyno and see what the rear wheel HP is.
I shift it at 4800 rpm... I'm a little nervous about revving it too much.
I can see why your nervous about reving the old girl...with that sort of torque you could start Inter Continental Plate Tectonic Movement!
Hey Hudson Nut - I was at Irwindale 1/4/03 and talked to you in the tech line. I'm the one you gave the pics of your car to. Had a great time watching you run! Had people really smiling in the stands. Anyway, I just bought a Fisher Damper for my Ford 300 from Mike Kirby at Sissell's today. I mentioned to him about seeing your car run at Irwindale and he mentioned that he could get Fisher Hudson dampers at a pretty good price right now. If you are interested give him a call at (626) 331-2727. It might take a little while for him to return your call but it will be worth it. Give me about a year and I will be with you at Irwindale!