idling problems



something is wrong with my car. Well there has always been something wrong with my idle. It has always idling rough but in a random pattern. I did my oil change this weekend: air cleaner, oil filter, new oil 10w-40 castrol, and changes spark plugs .035. I also used carb cleaner in the carb and cleaned it up. But since then my cars idle got worse. I always got the problem somewhere after 20 min when engine on, but now it does it faster like within 10 min and idle is worse and sometimes when using brake it will shut off.

What can anyone tell me here about this??
change the cap rotor points and plug wires if none of that works replace the coil

and chek your timing
76 mav. has got it right on do those things then come and tell us if it still does it. start with the points and rotor, cap then do the rest. (y)

8) if you still have the heater hoses hooked up to the carb spacer, that could be part of your problem. it can cause vapor lock which causes the problem you have.
If you have power brakes and your choke is mostly closed at start up, it sounds like a vacuum leak. Is your carb coming loose, or if a 2 piece carb, is it coming apart?