Internal Engine Piece: Necessary??



Monday morning i was warming up my car for the day when suddenly it died. It turns out that the bolt holding the timing gear to the cam completely fell out :unsure: which i have personally never seen before. Anyway, the timing set is undamaged BUT the piece Oil Slinger that slides on the crank over the timing gear got a little chewed up. Well, the Ford dealer can't order it, neither can AutoZone, NAPA, O'Reilly's, etc.
I found a junk yard with an inline six (i think it may be a 250 or 300 since it had a Carter YF on it) that was around a 78-82. When i took down the timing cover, there was no such piece on the crank.
My question is 1)is this piece totally necessary 2)Can i just smooth out the rough side and put it back on OR 3) any suggestions on where to get one??
Check out the link below, it has pics
Thanks in advance :LOL: