might have solved 5200 mounting issue on a 62 fairlane!!!

well I think I solved it but will be ordering parts this week to do it.

it is almost too simple. the fairlanes used a push pull linkage setup instead of the up down arm. this is the key to this working.

the 5200 is setup for a cable pull setup over the valve cover. if mounted in teh normal fashion but if I mount it rotated 90* then the choke will clear with rom to spare and use the stock linkage with NO mods.

part 2 is to take a stovebolt adaptor and saw it in half on the bandsaw and simply epoxy it back together with the proper roataion for the falcon six. a little cleanup with a grinder and sanding rolls and it is finished!! this way it all bolts on the with no mods other then the base.

it will need a little tuning to work right on the car but since mine isn't a speed machine it should run ok (fuel slooshing issues). I got a couple 5200 aircleaners to use for now (a cheapy chrome open element 9" round one and a stock mustang II one with snorkel) I already got the carb so I should have it up and running soon.