I Just recieved my MSD Blaster 2F coil from Summit. I was reading the installation instructions and it says when installing to a factory Ford ignition system a 0.8 ohm ballast resistor MUST be installed. Failure to use a ballast resistor with the factory Ford ignition system could result in personal injury or component failure.
QUESTION: What is the purpose of this in as what does the resistor do. Also where would be the best place to install one.
This is the coil recommend for Fords. PN8205 MSD BLASTER 2F COIL. THANKS.
8) the ballast resistor regulates voltage to the coil to 9 volts. i have mine installed on a valve cover bolt next to my coil.
I have the DS2 setup (78 Fairmont dizzy) with the MSD6a box. Do I still need a ballast resistor for my coil?

Before you can say if you need it or not, you need to check your ignition voltage at the coil.

When I installed my pertronix, some people told me the ignition wire already had a ballast resistor (it is just the wire) and others told me I didn't. I borrowed a neighbors multi-meter and checked. I found out I had no ballast resistor, but I didn't one.

Just your ignition wire voltage. If it is 12 Vs, then you don't have a resistor, it is 6-9V, then you do have a balllast resistor and do not need another one usually.

Hope that helps.

8) also you need to follow the coil makers recomendation. factory coils may not need a ballast resistor, but most aftermarket coils i have bought say to use the ballast resistor even if you have a resistor wire in the circuit.
Anyone have a part number for this ballast resistor? I'll pick one up incase I need one and if not, ill return it.

MSD offers this Ballast Resistor as PN 8214. How is this hooked up?
Kragen's website says:

Ballast Resistor: 0.8 Ohm; For Use with Coil When Connected To a Stock Points Ignition System

Since I have the DSII Dizzy there would be no need for this part?

what would happen if you dont have one??? i know i dont have one on mine did i just get lucky??? or is it causing a problem i havent seen yet?
all i know is that it really improved the start up and throttle response!!

I went to a couple of auto parts stores that sold them and they both told me I should use one but they didn't stock any. One of the guys is a performance Ford guy. I am not certain how knowledgeable they are but for whats its worth I will check with MSD to try and get one to be safe.
I e-mailed MSD and I got an answer on my question concerning the MSD Blaster 2F coil. I told them I had the Duraspark ignition, they sent me an e-mail telling no Ballast Resistor is required for my MSD BLASTER 2F coil for my car. Just though I would pass this along incase it may be helpful to someone else.