Got my new issue of MM in yesterdays mail. They briefly mentioned the Falcon six handbook, and promises a hot 6 buildup in next months issue.
I hope it's not another Clifford infomercial...... :unsure:

The last MM article about two years ago was really about tech, no how to...just an ad for Cliffy.
I saw that too. They mentioned the FSP book (first time or again?) and said stuff about late model heads and whatnot. I don't think there was a mention of cliffurd.
He (mcpaul66) doesn't seem to have that on his sig anymore - maybe Clifford's downward spiral has impacted on this project?
Yep, That was the buildup of Pauls engine that they mentioned ;)

I thought it was pretty cool that they mentioned both FSPH&Paul.....Now if we can get the magazine to mention ;) :eek: :eek:


So did they every come out with a performance 6 build up?? If so what issue/Month was it?
Wow I just saw this thread. I guess it was brought back from the dead?

Basically the rebuild is still in the works. Here was my latest update in Club FSP, in case you guys didn't see it.

I would like to see yalls' modded sixes featured, but now I am starting to realise Mustang and Fords is the more appropriate magazine for you guys to try for(more restomods). If you guys attend alot of big shows, that's the best way to get in. This way they can take you out and snap the pics and have you sign the proper forms. Actually, this seems like the only way to get in as it would be kind of hard for them to try to get an article together w/o someone in your area to shoot the pics. I guess that's why most of the cars are Florida cars(shoot, I stopped by after school for my car's shoot).