Just wondering if the amount of compression has any effect on nitrous. Other words having to high or to low of compression have any effect on the performance of a nitrous system or the amount of shot you are limited to.

Somewhat but not to the effect I think you are talking about.

When you spray in nitrous with extra fuel it travels in the cylinder. Under heat and pressure the oxygen and nitrogen moecule are split apart and the free oxygen molecule bonds with the fuel molecule(Im thinking hydrocarbon in form of naptha).

The new oxygen and fuel pair then gets burned. Thats why the fuel is so important. If the extra fuel doesnt get in suddenly you have all this free oxygen causing a lean condition that burns pistons, valves, or sometimes worse.

I dont know what the minimum temp needs to be but it is more effecient to have higher compression for creating the heat and pressure to strip the oxygen molecules off. I was thinking there were guys running nitrous on stock motors that had 8.0:1 CR and doing fine.