OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Motivated I decided to put the stovebolt adapter and 5200 on my 'laine this afternoon. Had to modify the holes so the 5200 would but up. Not a major deal. Go to bolt on the adapter and I dropped the nut into the log. Yep. Right down into the log. Have no idea were it went from there. What do I do???? : :cry: :cry: :cry:. Please help. BTW laughing doesn't work because I had to do that to keep from throwing the adapter across the shop.
Just an idea, but perhaps you coud chase the nut with a magnet strongly attached to some sort of thread (I guess the ones used in fishing could be adequate). My buddy who is a mechanic has some sort of car antenna with a magnetic tip for that purpose. Works very well.
In the worst of the cases you'll loose the magnet. It won't bother, since you have to remove the head anyways.
i would try hooking up a shop vac to it
you might get lucky
They make small telescopic mirrors that are about 1 1/2" wide, stick it down the hole and shine a flashlight on the mirror, you should be able to spot it if it hasn't fallen down one of the runners. They also make magnets on a spring about 16" long, that should allow you to reach it. Good Luck
Just turn the engine upside down and shake it out. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Seriously, I have seen small button sized magnets on flex shafts - that would be your saviour. You may wish to pop one of the welsh plugs in the log ends, to better see.
How do I pop the welsh plug? I have tried the mirror and the magnet. Looks like the head is coming off. The good news is I have a guy @ my church who is a machinist. 3 angle for $65. Little background. This is a 65 fairlaine. Should I use this head or find a different one? If the latter what should I look for/avoid?
Look at the top of this Forum for the log head FAQ's. Perhaps, you could find a head with the larger log and bigger valves and adapt the carb directly to it, instead of funneling the mix thru an adapter. Just a tought here. Good luck. Martín.
I agree with the shop vac. Amazing how much suction those things have.
Not enough suction on the one I have. It didn't come out.