Oil Pressure numbers?



What is a normal oil pressure at curb idle in drive?

I have a steady 40 most of the time, but I have been getting drops in pressure at lights after high RPMs drops to like 25-30 at times. I have to add accel to get it to go away?
That is normal, rule of thume is 10lb for evey 1,000 RPM. So at say 3,000 RPM you should have at 30lb or more. Russell
So at 600 RPMs 25-30 is perfectly acceptable.

The flux is normal?
That makes me feel better.
I think I have had this engine set high for so long dropping the RPMs down to where they should caused all kinds of things to improve with this engine.

It was set to idle around 775 in drive.

Getting down to 575 has made a ton of difference.

Now I just need to adjust my advance curve and I will be set.
I hav a 76 maverick with a 250 bone stock an it runs at 75 lbs at 3,000 rpm 10 w 30 oil