Pics of the Aussie 2v Bought off Ebay



I got this off E-bay from a fellow FSP user.

I finally got a few shots uploaded of a before look as it's gone into the shop.

I am having it measured and looked over then we are talking about what should be done to it....

I am installing larger 1.75 US valves, and Full Roller rockers, plan to change the lifters and rods to a new oil system.... and a full valve job on both sides. Porbably get the intake blasted and polished?

I am picking up the block and tranny over the next two weeks....
How did you research the Aussie head? I would like to do this mod in the far, far future and thought I'd start collecting info on it now.

There is a lot of information on this site. Do a search on the forum or go to the Tech section on the main page.

The Aussie head has some good performance gains over the stock intake.