Port divider installation


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I am doing a valve job on my 200 and am taking the opportunity to install Clifford's exhaust port divider. I intend to weld it in place with a mig welder. I am interested in other's experiences as to whether this is the best method of installation? If so, is steel wire adequate or should cast iron filler be used?
Thanks for the help.

Found a place here in Indy that specializes in reparing cast iron and aluminum cylinder heads and they speciffically mention that they can weld cast.
I use brass braising rod to fill the gaps of the welds. It works really well on the body patches but I am not sure if it will hold up to the exhaust temps. Have you considered useing an exopy to fill the gaps? I used it to install the divider on my 67 200 and it is still holding up great. That was over ten months ago. I used the Moroso AB putty epoxy. It worked great for filling all the gaps above and behind the divider.