Port Divider With Manifold



Hey Guys,

I'm going to get my port divider installed tommorow on my 200. I was wondering if it is unsafe to drive the car with the port divider and stock exhaust manifold. I'm planning on installing the divider at my house and driving it down to the muffler shop to get my headers installed. If any problems arise tommorow and I can't get to the muffler shop, would it be safe to drive the car daily until next weekend?

Sure the port divider can improve the flow with either the manifold or headers....

As far as I know the only real no, no is running with the exhaust off... as long as you hook the manifold and exhaust back up over the divider you should be fine.... and of course make sure you install that thing so it will stay in place... I assume you are welding and or bolting the divider in od course?

Then go to your exhaust shop and have them do whatever they are going to do...
I'm actually using some high-temp epoxy that CobraSix sent me. Holds up to 2350 degrees. I'm only using the epoxy as a temporary solution until I rebuild my motor this summer. I'll have the divider brazed in then.

In my three years of working at Cliffords, I've never once heard of a port divider ever holding up with epoxy. Keep in mind that the epoxy will withstand that much heat, but as your engine heats up and cools down, there will be expansion and contraction on the metal inside your head, the epoxy will not expand at the same rate. My suggestion would be to wait until you can get the port divider installed correctly, or else you run the risk of destroying your headers. I have seen countless headers come in for cracks only to find out that the port divider wasn't installed correctly, and Clifford didn't cover that on the warrantee, and I can guarantee they didn't change thier policy on it. The shop that built the heads for Cliffords brazed the port dividers in, another way to keep that divider in place is to pin it.

I watched them braze mine in yesterday, and then we used the two choke heat tube holes in the Aussie 2v to add two bolts through the divider so mine is welded and pinned.... should never come loose....

Given the nature of what Eric said It seems likely this is the best method.... we have all heard stories of them breaking loose....

There is an older post that we covered this in detail on:

http://fordsix.com/forum/viewtopic.php? ... rt+divider

Hope this helps....

You can search "Port Divider" or "Divider" and come up with others

I have no doubt that you are right about most epoxy's not holding up. But this stuff is just amazing. We used to use it on 18,000 HP Turbines onboard ships that had exhaust temperatures well above 1500 degrees and would cycle just like a normal engine with on/off cooling periods. Never saw the stuff fail. This stuff was designed to work on exhaust systems. I'll (along with info from Mike) will be providing a good/thorough review of the stuff for the divider.