Problems arise



After about a year hiatus,. I've started back on the mustang. Im picking up right where i left with the rolling resto on it.The first order of business was to put on my new carb. Reasons for new carb; PO put on some other carb that wasn;t orignial so i want to go orignial. And the old carb that was on it was nasty and didn't run right. So i put the new carb on, fire it up...

Runs like a beauty in park and neutral. But as soon as it goes into reverse it stalls. The same with Drive. I know its not my vaccuum advance. I have already put a new one on. The old one was cracked and torn BAD. But could it be a vaccuum leak someplace else? If so how/ where do i check it? The line going into the carb from the vac. adv. is kind of not in very far. I think this is because the fitting is so large though. It seems to be a good tight fit. And suggestions or comments ???
I would check your timing setting and the mixture of your carb. It sounds like it might be running very rich (flooding) or very lean (not enough juice to keep it going under load).

Is there any smell of fuel in the engine compartment? Is the engine running cool or warm? It will run cool if it's rich, hot if it's lean. The 1bbl is relatively easy to adjust for mixtures. Also check your idles speed screw located near the choke thermostat housing if your carb is equipped with one---right near where there's a small bracket to hold the heater hose that passes over the valve cover into the firewall.

I'll give some more information. I talked to him for awhile last night. What's been done:

1) rebuilt carb
2) It is running slightly rich (black soot from the exhaust)
3) has original vacuum lines
4) It is timed correctly (new timing chain also)

I suggested replacing the metal vacuum line with a rubber vacuum line. The one thing I didn't know, he has a automatic tranny...isn't there a vacuum modulator line for the tranny?

Yes there should be a hard metal line that runs up the drivers side end ends just at the back of the block where it mates with the bellhousing. The line is rubber from there to the manifold.