project car for anyone

I'd love a fastback, if I had to own a Mustang. This car looks "honest". any old repairs or filling would be patently obvious, and they're not there. Imagine it with the XR6 turbo motor...
That car is going to cost a FORTUNE to get back on the road. Although it would be cool with a 427 stuffed into it. I have always thought a fastback woudl be what I woudl want if I was goign to tub a car and make a serious dragster out of it.
I wouldn't say a fortune, but at least $10,000. I can't believe that the price is already at $1,325 and the guys reserve is not yet met. :roll:

The only way to get a 427 to fit inside anything 64-66 is to cut out the shock towers, which runs more than 4,000 to install (including parts) or take a 351 all the way to 427 cubic inches. I guess it's also possible to trim the towers, I have seen that done too.