pulling the engine



I need a little help, I'm going to pull the 250 out of the mav. only thing is, is that I'm not sure of where to hook the chain up to when lifting. I'm pullin the engine and tranny at the same time and the tranny is a stick, so there is no plate on the head. Any help????
The last time I pulled an engine, I rented a hoist and used the Head bolts. What I did was remove the right front and left rear head bolts, put a large washer on the bolts, put them through the chains hanging from the Hoist, screw them back in finger tight and you've got it. I think I also removed the hood so I didn’t have a problem clearing the radiator support. Maybe somebody else has a better way?
I pulled my 200 the exact same way with no probs. However, I would like to install it with a different method. What are peoples experiences?
I'll have some pictures up in a few days from my engine pull in December. I pulled the head off and just used head bolts. YOu may actually want to find bolts that are a little bit shorter then the stock head bolts. I then attached a leveler to the rear most holes and the 3rd set of wholes from the front. I was pulled the tranny so I needed a more center mount.

It is a lot easier if you pull the hood off. I plan to put the engine back in the same way.