Rebuilt Power, and Nitrous????



The more I read the more I realize I will not attain the power I want out of my little six without taking out college loans and using them for car. I have 1979 mustang and am planning a rebuild, a mild rebuild. A bigger cam, 2 barrel carb for sure, past that I am not sure.

After that I am not sure what I want to do. I would love to have it able to accept a few Ricer killing shots of nitrous. BUT, how do you make that shot safe. What internal parts need to be beefed up.

Is there anywhere on the net that shows how to set nitrous up safely.

Thanks. Just a kid looking for summer cruisin power.
if you are doing a small shot like under 150hp then stock parts will be ok. the key is to not let it go lean as that will burn up pistons and plugs fast.

i thought stock would only be ok from about 50-75, not 150
I believe you are right. Stock parts will not hold up to a 150 shot. Some work will have to be done before the motor takes that.

I think it could take it....assuming you aren't gong to jack the compression up 8:1 a 150 shot might hold. the key thing is it being jetted right.

Just throw a 75 shot on it. I think it will supprise you! :eek: See ya ricers! I have had nothing but good luck with my nitrous on my 200 with cast pistons and basicly stock enternals.

what will i need to put a 75 shot of nos on my 200 i know it will hold it but what do i need thanks
Look at this
Real similar to the way I did mine, a Fogger fitting from NOS, you can use an adapter plate (from NOS) or drill the stock adapter out. It would not hurt to use an aftermarket fuel pump, like a Holley red pump. 60hp will knock about 1 1/2 seconds in the 1/8 mile, it did mine anyhow, it ran 9.90's, with basic stock stuff.