should I change the damper?



It doesn't look like it was replaced in the rebuild about 3 years ago. The rubber looks pretty old. Should I go ahead and replace it?

How much is involved in removing and installing one of these? Don't you just unbolt it and use a pulley remover to get it off? What about installation?
I need this information also, come on guys how about a lesson in Dampers.... For instance what is the difference between the three and four bolt damper...

and can you use a 170, 200, 250 damper cross parts or are they each independant....

As far as replacing it, remove the bolt and get a puller, should come right off.
I believe that you only loosen the bolt to use the puller so the crank shafts threads are not damaged by the puller. Someone here learned that the hard way. Maybe it was even you, Jimbo. I'm just glad it wasn't me.

Alignment? That's a big one for me, too. No one has actually been able to state the indexing of the notch from the keyway. It would be valuable information to check balancers with.

Can't remember who that was, but they didn't ask first... I have a generic puller; had to buy new, longer HT bolts (UNC) for the job. Crack the bolt first, then use the puller maintaining about 1/8" clearance under the bolt head as you go. This is fiddly in the car - the radiator may interfere.

Smear the crank nose or balancer inner with anti-sieze. Use Royal Purple or some other lube on the balancer outer as you reinstall, and turn the engine 30-40 revs before starting, to spread the lube over the seal running surface.

The bolt goes back into the crank clean and free of sealant or heavy oil.

The 250 likely runs a larger damper; ours do. It will foul the water pump housing or pulley on smaller motors. As to three and four bolt versions of the small damper, the only constraint should be what, if any, accessory pulleys you intend to bolt up.

Over here, we have rebuilt versions that run a urethane medium in place of the rubber; it's supposed to be much tougher unit and makes it more of a one-piece, supplementary flywheel. The twin groove units are extremely rare to us.

Regards, Adam.
I was wondering about the three four bolt dampers because I am running a 3 bolt damper and I have a new four bolt damper.... I owuld like to use this one, it is very nice....

As for removing the thing, I am having the machine shop install mine.