Should I port a 200 inch 6 cylinder head?



I know someone who has a Ford 200 inch straight 6 engine. Not sure of the year, I'll have to check. Most likely late 70's or early 80's.

Since I've done a lot of work in porting cylinder heads, I was thinking of getting the head, doing a good porting job on it, and selling it on eBay.

Any idea what a good selling price might be? What key words to put in the title bar on eBay? Any demand for this type of item?
If the casting number on the intake starts with D8, D9 or E anything (a head made in '78 or later), it is a desireable head because it has big intake valves, hardened exhaust seats, a big intake, and a big carb opening in the intake. As far as making money by porting, unless you're pretty fast at porting I'm not sure you'll make much money. I'd throw out a price range and see if somebody here might be intested in ordering one before you make it. A lot of people here would want the head but the deciding factor for most people here would be price.
I'll second John on the profitablility issues. This is a discretionary purchase, and as such comes well behind many other acquisitions for a lot of guys.

To make it optimally saleable, I strongly urge:

Cut it for the larger valves (if not already cut)
Modify the carb pad for a synchronous twin barrel
Mill to a specified cc result
Bench test the result, also keep before and after pics to help show the change

If you can do all of that, there's a chance people may be interested. Will they pay? I wouldn't want to hazard a guess.

Regards, Adam.
I already have the tools for porting; they're just sitting around because all my engines are already done. I'd be able to get the head, clean it up, CC the chambers, and do the port work without a lot of trouble.

I was thinking of starting an eBay auction on it around $125 - $150, and then whoever bids the highest gets it.

As Rustang said, I'll check the intake casting number before I do anything, as I don't know anything about ford casting numbers or the differences between model years of heads and blocks and such. I've always had only Mopars and have done a lot of racing development on 225 Slant Sixes.
Don't bet on my opinion but I think it would sell for that price if you let people here know when it goes up for auction.
Add a exhaust port divider to separat the siamesed 3-4 exhaust ports. Clifford Performance is the only one that has these. Russell
Kind of hard to do that when the intake was cast into the head ! What the HELL was phord thinking when they designed that POS? I've seen shivvy (GMC) sixes that were even worse, with the main intake runner even closer to the head, with intake runners branching to 2 seperate intake ports!

The intakes can at least be pocket ported.

Only Mopar got it right with a removable, reasonably long ram intake on the Slant Six. :D
Pocket porting is of dubious value on these heads because the RPM is low. The best work is done in the corners of the intake legs of cylinders 1,2,5,6 where the corners can be rounded a little. Also, shrinking (or removing) the valve bosses helps. The intakes can be opened up to 2.02, but there is so much shrouding then that the difference is not worth the effort. Opening up the exhaust port (.75" typical) a little helps if no catalytic lives downstream.

According to Ak Miller if you open up the valves over 1.75" you gain very little due to the restricted breathing and lose some off the line throttle response.

But I would port head and install a port divider then post lots of pics for us to see. Then sell the head. After all as the saying says "Practice makes perfect".