Starting a resto all over - questions, questions, questions.


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Hello all.

I am new here and had a couple of questions.

Many, many years ago. I bought a 66 'stang as a teenager (in the late 80's). It was a 200 cid coupe and like all teens, I wanted to supe it up. Well, back then, there wasn't much info or places to get parts, but I started. Well, college and a marrage caused me to put the car away 2/3 of the way finished and now with a little money and one less wife I am planning on starting again. :D

Sorry about the background, here are the questions.

When I originally added the Clifford dual outlet header, my buddy who custom made the exhaust had to cut the end flanges off of the header pipes because they hung to low to the ground. Instead, he welded the header directly to the exhaust. Has anyone else had this problem? Has this been corrected in more current versions of their headers?

Secondly, I purchased a Weber 2bbl adapter and the Weber 2bbl carb. When I put the adapter on the intake and the carb on the adapter it was not sitting sqaure with the block it was turned slightly. I ended up having a adapter made to sit between the intake and the Clifford adapter, but then the carb had hood clearance issues. Are there different adapters for the Weber carb?

Lastly, I know the 6 cylinder Mustangs had a smaller (7 1/2'' ?) rear-end with integral gears. If I remember right the ratio is 2.73:1. Is there another read-end with a better ratio that is a DIRECT replacement or a way to change the gears?

I dont know why your clifford adapter didnt work, I thought that the spendy cliffy unit was supposed to be the schizat.

Headers, I dunno.

I do know what type of rearend you are looking for though, I took some pics of one a while back at my local wrecking yard
in the Suspension and Drivetrain section
the rearend in the pics is out of a '70 Maverick 200 3spd

(at lease im semi-useful) :LOL:
Thanks for the tip on the rear-end!

As for the weber carb adapter, I think I figured it out. On the tech page for Holly/Weber conversion it shows a "stovebolt" adapter which looks like mine. It looks like I need the original ford carb adapter with this adapter. The problem is that then the carb is too high.

I must have bought the wrong part, because the same page shows a adapter that sits on there square.

The header? who knows... I have been toying with buying a new one since I bought mine long before Clifford offered the alumicoat (or whatever they call it) and no hi temp paint I try really lasts or looks that good. :(
I think the pic you were looking at was either the cliffy unit or maybe just the adapter sitting on he head, not bolted down

If you want more pics, I started a writeup using the stovebolt adapter, but never got the upgrade finished :oops:

but more interestingly there is a link on there to ducktang's page where used the stovebolt adapter straight on his round-log style head.

have fun
what type of gears did those maverics come with stock, did they really come with 3.55's?? and how would you be able to check them??
As stated on my HW Tech page, the Clifford adapter is designed to replace the original Ford adapter. If you are using the Stovebolt adapter, you'll have to use the original Ford adapter or mount the carb off center as shown in the picture above.

Ron is correct when he said the adapter isn't bolted down, but if you look at the picture closely you can see the manifold studs in the Stovebolt adapter. This picture, though a bit blurry, shows how the Stovebolt adapter will mount if the Ford unit isn't used in conjunction with it: ... ltadap.jpg

And this one shows how it looks using both adapters: ... rd5200.jpg

I know there are a few people here who have used the Stovebolt adapter bolted direct to the manifold. Maybe one of them will share their linkage setup so you can see.
Oh, the confusion... I purchased the adapter from Clifford. Is that the same as the Stovebolt or different? It has been a while, but I believe I was attaching it straight to the head when it sat turned at an angle. I then had a machine shop make me an adapter out of alumninum but that made the carb sit so high I couldn't close the hood with a air cleaner.

I will try and get out side with my digital camera this weekend and get a few snap shots to see if that clears things up.

Thanks for the help guys, I really am kind of new to this. When I first started this restoration, I was a young punk and my Dad did a lot of the work. Now, it is just me and I am trying to backtrack and remember what was done many years ago!