valve job



how hard is it to do a valve job on a 1976 250 six

what kind of tools will I need , it just took a quart of oil to day so I want to get it fixed asap. and about how much will it cost for tools and parts

I did a compreson test on it and I`d give it a B+ so I`ll lust cleen up the valve I have now
by valve job I meen the vale seels sory for not saying it right the first time

8) that does make a difference. to replace valve seals you need a valve spring compressor, normal hand tools, and a length of nylon cord. bring the piston up to just before tdc compression stroke, feed in the cord, then bring the motor to tdc. using the v/spring compressor, remove the valve spring and the old seal and reverse to install. as you can see it is pretty simple. just pay attentiont o what you are doing, and take your time.
I'm looking to do the same to my engine this weekend. Maybe this is a dumb question, but what's the cord for?
To keep the valve from dropping into the cylinder (if you don't want to pull the head).
what I`m doing is stuffing a shop rag through the spark plug hole it`s hard to get it under the valves but it works :)

anny way I`m getting ticked of at the valve keepers and the thing that holds them in place :splat: because I cant get that little rownd thing of the keepers , yes the valves ar fuly compresed and the green valve springs aren`t coming of the valves at all they just come up of the hed

I need to get this done to to day/night so my mother something to drive to sckool besides the van (4,500 pound hunk of mettle ,with a V8 ,and wheels) so anny help is wellcome and thanks for it :D
8) shop rags are a bit big for the job but if you can make them work more power to you. as for the retainers, take a deep well socket that fits the retainer, a 9/16' or 5/8 works fine, and using a hammer strike the socket on the retainer. often times that will break them loose.
OK, I see where the cord is needed! I will be pulling the head off mine, as I need to replace a leaky head gasket. I guess I don't need to worry about the cord.
You guys must have different spring compressors... Mine pushes the retainers down with the springs, and the locks come free easily. Then again, I do it with the head off. Even with the head on, think I'd have the torque wench and a head gasket on hand. A Scout is always Prepared.

FWIW, a while back I asked opinions on blasting a head and NOT recutting the seats after. Haven't run-tested it, but pre-assembly and CC'ing on the unit showed the seats were still even and sealing perfectly. All good news for the budget head job ideas.

Regards, Adam.