water injection



I read many times how beneficial a water injection system is in terms of increased power and economy. There are sites that tell you how to make your own and there are suppose to be companies like Waag? that make them. I was wondering if anyone could offer insights on this topic
8) According to my rtoommate who is something of a Physics and Math major he is not into cars but was very interested when I talked about water injection for cars.

According to him when water is injected and mixes wth the fuel it goes into cylinder and has a two fold effect.

First when water flashes from a liquid to a gas it goes through something called a Phase Change or State of phase change or something like that. Anyhoo when the water changes to a gas a tremendous amount of energy is needed to complete the change. This action draws a considerable amount of heat out of the charge which greatly reduces the chance of detonation.

Second under the tremendous heat and pressure in the cylinder the steam adds a slight amount of oxygen to the ccharge. but the main benefit is the cooling effect.

In a situation where you need help controlling detonation water injection is a very great help and is much cheaper than adding octane booster.

In my case I have a 1979 Carbureted 2.3L turbo Mustang. Do to the design I cannot run an intercooler. So I have to come up with alternate methids of cooling the charge.

First and the most beneficial is water injection. It is often called the poor mans intercooler. For reasons explained above it is very beneficial

Second I am going to install a coolcan, a can you put ice into to refrigerate the fuel.
looks pretty interesting, just might have to try this myself, i love to create contraptions

Just make sure you have some kind of auto shutoff switch wired to ignition. If a siphon occurs you will flood engine with water.