what mufflers/exhuast sytems do you all run im putting an exhuast sytem under my car and was thinking on going with dual flowmasters but want a good sound as poss. out of the inline 6 thanks
After much debate, talking to other sixers and listening to sound bites I decided to go with the Borla ProXS mufflers. A friend of mine told me they flow 40cfm more than the Aerochambers, which are also nice mufflers. They have a nice tone but are about 15db less than the Flow 40's. Only disadvantage to the Borlas are the price. They are about the most expensive muffler on the market, but you will get what you pay for.

Good Luck!
i've got a set of borla universal turbo mufflers. i love the sound. most people mistake it for a V8 until i get above 3000 RPMs, then the true six sound comes out.
Shouldn't be a difference for single exhaust. Just that you'll be saving money by only needing to buy one :LOL:
were would you get the borla universal turbo mufflers at? your local parts store?>
i want to throw in the dynomax super turbos. i'm running dual exhaust with them, and i like it. not loud at cruising speeds, until you get on it. so its nice for long drive on highway for extended amounts of time. i enjoy them anyways. nice price for the mufflers, and so far so good.
I have turbo 11s that I got at Auto Zone, They sound OK at low RPM. But when the RPMs get above say 2500 sounds like a Handa with a fart can! :devilish: Russell
I can't afford header right now and I must admit I'm more interested in an aggressive sound than all out performance. I don't want the glasspack noise. I want dual outlets. I have no cat. Anybody suggest a setup to simulate ,sort of , the 5.0 growl? Thanks
83 LTD
Cheap way would be to scrounge up Mustang duals from an 87-99 GT and hook those to a Y-pipe. On an LTD it takes some hanger mods and maybe some work to clear the tank, but I've seen pictures of it done before.
Thanks Jack,
I have a wagon and plan to run the pipes out just in front of the rear tires on each side so the fuel tank probably wont figure into the equation.
dual flowmaster 40's via y-pipe sound great on my 66 stang...2'' piping for a stock setup car and 2 1/4'' piping w/ header, induction and other mods... :D
single 2" exhaust from C****y 6into1 header to single 40 series Flowmaster.

I love the looks I get and it sounds like a beast.
Chris Harris
67 200 Mustang