What timing are you guys running?



Just curious as to what the reccomended timing is to try to squeeze a little more power out. I still have the stock dizzy w/ pertronix, sometime in the future I'll upgrade the to durasparkII.
Which carb are you running? Is the dizzy the dual vac unit? If you are still stock, then setting the engine up by the numbers is the way I would go. To get additional performance you need to go with dual advance and better spark control. 68 - 73 dual advance dizzy with Pertronix II or DSII.

As for the Pertronix vs. DSII issue, there are several prior post on this subject that you should take time to look at.

Howdy TDYGuy:

If, when you say that you still have a stock distributor, you are refering to the '66 Load-a-matic, with vacuum only advance, which calls for 6 degrees of initial advance, then here are a couple of ideas to try.

First, set the initial advance at 11 degrees.

Next, gap you plugs at .040" and try a plug heat range one step colder than stock.

This distributor was designed to work in concert with the Spark Control Valve in the original Autolite 1100 carb, which is a forerunner to a ported vacuum source on your YF. For comparison, try hooking the vacuum advance hose to a full vacuum source, below the carb.

This isn't exactly ignition, but you might try a can of Gumot or Techron/ProGuard carb cleaner through your fuel system. It will help to clean out deposits that might promote pre-ignition. If you get any knock, reassess everything, try a higher octane gas, or retart you initial 2 degrees and try it again.

The "Dual Advance" distributors that Steve is speaking of includes both vacuum and centrifugal advance.

I'm running an internally modified Duraspark II distributor, with 16 degrees initial, a quicker centrifugal and less vacuum.

Good luck,

Adios, David