What would you guys recomend for a exhaust system????



as some of you know i got a me head from martin i was wondering what would be a great muffler to use for a good deep growel that we can get out of my inline 200 what would be the best ones? it is going to be dual exhaust since the me had the dual header i was thinking of flowmaster 40's but what do you guys use and would recomend by exsperience thanks [/img][/b]
what do you think about 24" cherry bomb glass packs? i can get a pair for 25.00 there is a person who sells them on ebay and he is coming to the swap meet next to my house this sun.
I have Borla ProXS mufflers connected to 2.25 pipes coming from dual outlet headers. Car has a nice sound at idle but ROARS when you hit the gas. I have sound clips of Flow 40's and glasspacks on a 6 banger and they sound pretty muffled (normal six sound). Every person I have talked to thinks I have a small block under my hood after hearing me rev my engine.

Good Luck!
i recommend a nice bolt on exhaust cannon, it will be loud and people will notice you.....just look at their faces when they hear a farting inline 6
No, no, no, no, no to glasspacks and Flowcans.

Go with a Dynomax Super Turbo or a Borla if you have the $$$
i have dynomax super turbos on my 3.8 v6 and they sound like shit dont know what they'll sound like on the inline but if it is anywere near the sound of the 3.8 i dont want them
ok here is a pic of the muffler i im gunna buy what ya guys think hopfuly the pic shows up these are buy one get one free for 65.00 for the 2 of them
do you think it will sound like a rice racer the guy garunteed me they wouldnt
i remember that once one of the mustang mags (either mustang and fords, or mustang monthly, i think it was mustang monthly) ran a feature on which muffler gave the best torque, best horsepower, blah blah blah, but the best thing about it was that they actually recorded the noise that they made and put it on their website, i went looking for it the other day, but couldn't find it, does anyone know of this article, and where we might be able to find the clips for them?
i think that flowmaster posts their own clips of their mufflers, but i'm not sure...
hmmm, that would be a good addition to the tech section... dyno the different mufflers and have clips of what they sound like

i personally have a flowmaster series 40, it sounds better than the stock, but i'd like to try something else
Here are the muffler clips:
http://www.mustangmonthly.com/howto/30940/index.html (bottom of page)

I have some sound clips of the Flow 40's, straight pipes, glasspacks and Borla's on a six. If somebody has the space to upload them for everyone to listen, i'll send them over.

Borla's ARE pricey but I found them on eBay for almost 1/3 the price! There is a guy who sells them on there constantly, so go check him out. I also listenend to the clips, read flow charts and talked with many people about their exhaust before making the decision to purchase the mufflers. If you want to be safe, you can try out different mufflers but they might charge you extra $$ because it will take time to switch them on and off.
Notice there are no 200 or 250 sound clips :x

And the Mustang Monthly clips seem to no longer exist...
i went to it and the 300 sounded like crap and most of the clips are gone
im gunna try first is cherry bomb glasspacks see what they do first then go from their they are only 20 dollors for the pair so il try them first would still like feed back on this so i know what ones to try if i dont like these
Fordman75":33x1npkx said:
If you do get them get personalized plates that read "UNCLEBEN".
Who or what is "Cleben"? :LOL: Is it French?

Who cares how it sounds outside the car? If you are hearing your own exhaust note disappearing into the distance, SOMEBODY HAS JUST TAKEN YOUR RIDE!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Keep it quasi-legal, and maxed out on the dyno. That should be all your exhaust criteria.

i was acually thinkng of that but my old neighbors and old comunity wouldnt like that and since my county has a noise ordnace id be in trouble to many times lol