What's the difference between these two?



I was looking at the partsamerica website and want to know what would be the difference between these two carbs. I'm looking to put one on my stock 200 in place of the autolite 1100.

Carter YFA for a '75 Granada 250, $124, part #6-753
Carter YFA for a '79 Granada 250 $81, part #6-763

That's quite a difference in price, and they both look similar, according to the pics on the site.
Hi 66heste,

I don't know what the dif is, but I don't believe the 75 79 250 carb will fit the 66 manifold. The 66 has a 1.5" carb bore. The 250 has a 1.75" carb bore. To my knowledge, no one makes an adapter for this set-up.

I plan on making an adapter like the one mustang geezer has. Other than the obvious price difference, I was hoping someone had knowledge as to other differences.
I would go with the earlier one myself. Some of the later YF's I have in my possesion have some electric solenoids and such that I wouldnt want to mess with.