Why can i NOT do this?


I remember asking this question before, but I'm unsure why I got the answer I did.

I am getting ready to install the harmonic balancer to the crank shaft. Only accesory that I have is the alternator. The current balancer that I have is a 2 groove balancer. I would use the 1 grove that I have except that I can't get it off of the engine. I would think I could use the 2 groove balancer and just run one pulley. I think I was told that I can't do that. Why can I not do that?

Thanks again.

I have no idea why you cannot... I am running a 2 groove pulley and only using the back groove..... I ran mine like that for years and had no problems????

As long as they are the correct bolt pattern it should not matter.....

If it does matter I would also like to know why....
I have a 2 groove pulley, with just the alternator, no problems there.

One issue came up with the 2 groove...my flex fan needs a bigger spacer or it will rub the balancer. I wanted to go back to my stock fan anyway. It isn't as loud.

Yes I am running a 1.5 inch spacer with my flexfan.... gets that thing right in the rad............ ;)
On my first Stang, I had the 200 and it had a 2 groove pulley on it with just an alternator. I have heard that there could be a balance problem, but I don't see how. This is just from the "grapevine". I'm glad I now(17 yrs later)have legitimate places to get actual info.