will a 66 Mustang Exhaust Manifold 200 6 cylinder fit a 83?

Howdy '83fairmontI6:

Yes, the '66 manifold will fit your '83 200. Know that it will not mount up with your smog and EPA stuff which may put you at odds with the government.

Some vehicles in the '79 to '83 era used and odd exhaust manifold with a cat attached directly to it and another cat farther down stream. The 1st was a fast light type, an made for a very odd, low performance exhaust system. Check with yur local and federal law requirements before you change it. But the '66 is a cleaner, and a freer flowing version.

Adios, David

I have a 80 Stang with the light off converter attached to the exhaust manifold. The first time you have to take that puppy off and try to get to the underneath bolts your going to wanna start torturing some Engineers. I am planning on doing the same thing. Either header or a early exhaust manifold. You will have to find some way of adapting or modifying the down pipe from an early 200I6 Mustang. If you take it to a shop you will ahve to shop around til you find someone who will just make a downpipe.