will this carb be a good fit for my 200?

That's a Holley 1946. It would be an improvement over the stock 1 bbl. if you can ever get it tuned right. I have had major problems with the electric choke. But, as far as operation and performance, it's a good upgrade. And that model on ebay doesn't have all the electronic feedback stuff like the later ones did. However, I did notice that the choke pull-off diaphram and connecting linkage was missing. This is on the front of the carb. The diaphram is connected to a vacuum source and pulls down on the choke plate so that it doesn't stay all the way closed.
wow! all that from the picture!?!?

Thanks! I assume those missing parts arent too hard to find?
Here's a pic. with the choke pull-off and connecting linkage installed. (You can see a little of it at the front of the carb.)

You can buy the choke pull-off at an auto parts store. Not sure about the connecting linkage, though. If you can't find an old Fairmont with this part still on it, you could contact Pony Carbs. I'm sure they would have it.

BTW, this carb. is for the heads w/ the 1.75" intake bore.