Woohoo! Got my Duraspark, but have some questions...



I picked up a DSII from an '83 Fairmont Futura at a local yard for $25. It's in real good condition, just needed a bit of cleaning. The control module on the other hand isn't so great. All of the wires coming out of the module have split insulation right at the module, seems they got a little brittle over the years. Is there any way to salvage this, or am I going to have to get a new one? Also, is there any way to tell if the coil is still good? I'm on a tight budget, so brand new stuff may have to wait a bit.
I've had to replace one of those GM units on a 2.8 Camaro six. :( Amazing that they put that little engine so far back, and buried the dizzy. Makes you appreciate Ford's placement on sixes and 8s. :LOL:
I found a used MSD module and coil on Ebay that was under $100.00.
I went ahead and got a new one. Only $18. The harness between the dizzy and the module is pretty bad. Should I just make my own? Should I leave the connector housings on, or cut them off and solder the wires together? Also, I have the original coil. Is there a way to tell if it's still good?
You can test a coil for internal shorts and resistance. Again, they fail with age, especially when hot. Not fun when your engine dies in the middle of traffic on a hot day. :shock:
If you must use an old one, carry a spare so you can swap it out. That's the easiest way to check one. ;)
See if the connectors fit. The newer ones had a half-moon clip that slipped over the top, rather than the screw posts. Still, your best bet is a good quality heavy duty coil. 8)