YF flooding ?



Temporarily stuck a YF on my older 200 - no adapter- original spacer- no air cleaner....Just to try it out and get the car moveable. Works OK for that purpose however It has flooded on me twice once warmed up and driven a few miles. Is this most likely a stuck or leaky float or something caused by my temporary set-up? I re-built it but did not replace the float as it seemed OK.
did you change the needle and seat?
I had flooding problems with my tri-carb set up.
One carb flooded, changed the needle and seat. then
two weeks later a second carb started doing the same thing.
changed the needle and seat.. and has been fine since...
I'd suggest that as a starting point if you haven't yet....
Next time you take your fuel line loose, look inside the line & see if it is rusty. You may have little flakes of rust getting into the carb & not letting the needle valve close. I currently have that problem. I'll have to find a new fuel line before spring. Gas poors out of my Holley onto the intake & exhaust. Steaming gasoline is not a pretty picture. I should try and vent my overflow into the intake so I don't become a flaming shooting star someday. :shock:

63Falcon200 said:
did you change the needle and seat?

Yes- I changed needle and seat

Haven't had a chance to even look at it since the breakdown- Son's hand me down Taurus' transmission went bye bye. been busy doing a swap for a rebuilt.
Throw out the plastic float and get a brass float. The plastic gets porous with age, and can cause flooding. If this doesn't cure it, it will at least prevent future troubles. ;)
put the old needle and seat back in land it hasn't flooded again.....so far