223 performance build...questions!

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223 performance build...questions!

Post #1 by GalaxieInline » Mon May 15, 2017 10:21 pm

Just signed up for the forum to ask some build questions!!

I'm from Indiana, I have an uncommon 1963 ford 300 (below the base galaxie) with a 223 i6. I have built v8's and love classic engines...I've always wanted to build a six though!!

Here's what we got so far:
stock 223 with clifford 6=8 2x2 intake
-2 weber 38/38 dgas synchronous carbs
-clifford split header dumping into 2.25" dual exhaust w/magnaflows, h pipe, and hidden turndowns behind the rear bumper.
- pertronix ignitor ii with flamethrower 40kv coil and autolite plugs gapped to .045
-ford 300 distributor conversion (223 12t timing gear bored out to fit 300 shaft, 5/16" to 1/4" oil drive adaptor fabbed) ditched the terrible load-o-matic dizzy.

She runs STRONG now, motor was pulled last week and is at a local top-nitro engine builders shop and we plan to do the following:
-clean, flux, check head and block
-turn crank/rods
-shot peen rods, arp bolts
- 60-80 over with aluminum hyperutectuc pistons (engine guy says she can take 80 easy as the walls are thick enough to go 125 over!)
- mild port head, blend ports, deck to raise compression to 9.5:1 if possible, 3 angle valve job, hardened seats and overcut for larger SBC +.100 swirltip valves and heavier SBC springs
-chamfer all oil passages and a new 5/16" melling oil pump
- 265° Clay Smith bumper /higher lift and duration, designed for torque applications.
- fully balance and relieve the motor for smooth revving and ability to stay together up high on a 4 main.

Currently the motor has been pulled and is being torn down and hot tanked and fluxed.
I'm looking for any advice as we plan this awesome project! Shes sure to surprise a few v8's even in the big 'ol galaxie and sure to turn heads at shows!

-Anyone have any tips and tricks that work well for these motors? I've read that they have the same offset combustion chamber that the Y blocks have....and similar valve shrouding issues. Should I be at all concerned with relieving the block/head to try to get the intake velocity up with the bigger valves?
- I can find Keith Black Silv-O-lite's for her, but nothing else affordable...any other common off the shelf Sbf or Sbc pistons work in this motor?
- any affordable H beam lighter rods that will fit this motor?
- what's the best way to about porting the head and getting flow up while retaining velocity needed to make low end torque?

I've done my homework to the best of my abilities...not a TON of info on the 223 at all...shes being rebuilt the up coming 2-3 weeks so any info I can pass along to my engine guy would be awesome!!

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Re: 223 performance build...questions!

Post #2 by bubba22349 » Tue May 16, 2017 1:02 pm

I used to race the 223's back in the mid to late 1960's! I did a very detailed post awhile back going over some of the things I learned on these 215, 223, 262's Ford six engines (see the below link). Take a look at it and see if there is anything that can help you. Yes you are correct that the head to block on these 223 are like the Y Blocks and spare a few parts they also respond to the same porting technic used on the Y Block heads. There are some other members that made posts on these engines and head flow too try using the sites search feature for those. You have a good plan and some really decent parts already. There were also some Hi Ratio rocker arms that were made back in the 1960's by Baker every so offen some will come up for sale. The stock cams can also be reground by some companies Scheider is a very good one. Another great upgrade is a T5 trans swap unless you already have a 3 speed with overdrive which is also very good both will allow you to use lower gears for a good hole shot. Jack Clifford did a lot to improve these Ford six'es if you can find some of his tech manuals from back int the 1960's and 70's there is some very good info, but sadly with his passing much of his great info has also been lost and is almost unavailable except from a few old timers that were around back then. There is nothing l liked better than beating those V8's by leaving on them out of the hole, yet the overdrive gear gives you back back some economy and good freeway crushing speed. Good luck :nod:



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Re: 223 performance build...questions!

Post #3 by GalaxieInline » Wed May 17, 2017 5:22 pm

Bubba22349, thanks! I've poured over any and all 223 threads I could find on this forum and your information proved to be some of the most valuable! My motor is apart and my engine guy has told me the following:
The bad:
-Rod bearings down to the copper (ouch)
-pistons worn out
-TONs of sludge...well it's a 223 so nothing new there..
-valves were mostly stuck open, seals were halfway up the stems...
-timing chain shot...1" of slop!! God no wonder I could never get her timed right!

The good:
-block is good
-crank only needs .010 to turn it
-rods look fine, will be relieved, shot peened and lightened
-cam looks like an accepably grindable core
-head is straight and buildable and has was fluxed and checked no cracks etc

So basically the bones are good, no bad scoring on the bearing surfaces etc. Water passages look nice and clean too. He's tanking the block for me today.

I spoke with Clay Smith today and they recommended Sealed Power 1011P pistons over the Keith Black ones...can't seem to find anything other than cast For this motor. Unless there's an off the shelf forged that you know of? I called Egge, they didn't have any pistons available for the 223...the guy did say that 254 Y block are close/same.

I'm finding conflicting reports on what the stock rocker ratio is on this motor, is it 1.45? I can't find ANY of those baker high lifts.

Bubba, since you used to race these...would you mind talking on the phone about some of your experiences? You can PM me if so, but if not I understand :)

I also just dropped the valve cover, side plate, timing cover, and oil pan off today to get them chrome powder coated...way cheaper than real chrome and will look pretty good when done.

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Re: 223 performance build...questions!

Post #4 by amodel25 » Thu May 18, 2017 12:54 pm

I had a set of forged pistons made for my 254 cu in flathead six at Ross Pistons in California. I sent them an old piston and required bore and they went from there. They even provided rings. A little pricey but worth it. Check out their website.

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