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:roll: Are all 200 in. 6 distributors the same? I mean will the fit all 200's?

I have a small bell housing 200 and a '82 Mustang 3.3 Dura spark dist. Will it fit in my 6 and work without causing damage? :unsure::
Howdy Hotrodbob:

It should fit and work fine. And you'll love the difference.

What year engine are you putting it in? More importantly, what carb?

Adios, David
Hi David. Thanks for the reply.

Not sure of the engine year. How do I tell. All I know is that it only has the small bolt pattern for the bell housing. Never took the pan off to check how many mains. Just sent it out for a rebuild. It was a virgin block so we bored it .030 over and did .010/.010 on the crank, 250 head, milled .040, bowls blended, biggest valves that would fit, 1.6 rockers and decked the block .040. Isky 262 cam, uknown header, T-5 and Holley/Weber 5200.
I have not installed it all yet. Just had the bell housing machined to fit the T-5 and adapter. Still need an adapter for the carb and will have the dist recurved and checked out as I just got it from the wrecking yard.

It will all go into my '63 Ranchero, Granada Disc, Mav 8"
Not sure of the engine year. How do I tell.
There should be a casting number on the side of the block that will get you in the ballpark.


This is the casting number on my '63 4 main 200. Note the C3OE which decodes as C - 1960; 3 - Year in decade; O - Fairlane; & E - Engine.
The only difference between the early and late models I know of is the size of the oil pump drive shaft. That little hex shaped piece of steel between the bottom of the distributor and the oil pump. The early 170's and possibly the 200's used a 1/4 inch shaft. I am not sure what year they changed, but the newer ones use a 5/16 shaft. check your old distributor and the new one to make sure they have the same size oil pump drive.

:!: One word of caution, in addition to the oil pump driveshaft, distributors used on the early blocks (pre '64) also had a smaller diameter where they locate in the block.
And where can we get these australian distrubutors you keep talking about, Adam???
This information is only pertinent to the people with the smaller distributor drive shaft bore!

Well, most places that sell parts for eighties Oz Fords should have one with the cap and specific coil; $50-$80. Expect to need a thorough clean and to shim end-float. Gear should still be within limits.

The best one is the "XE" Falcon (1982) Bosch unit.

In Sydney, I have bought them from:
Fairford Spares Pty Ltd
109 Gow St Padstow 2211 + 61 2 9709 4777


Fordham Spares
2 Holbeach Ave Tempe 2044 +61 2 9558 3366
OR... +61 2 9558 2871
Fax +61 2 9558 3044

Ford Muscle parts might be more inclined to post and pack, or even rebuild. Rare Spares may offer post and pack, too. I mailed one to a guy on the Forum, and luftpost was a shade over $30 Australian.

A minor tweak is required for the hold-down. Either the bolt-hole is redrilled/tapped (best), or clamp area is modified (fiddly).

The module is integral, unlike the D-II. New replacement modules are AUD$80 each, IIRC.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Adam.
Hi guys, been off line since I left work Wednesday. Ok I have taken the following numbers off the block: C8DE. From what you have said, the block is a 1968, but from what car/truck? D=? Next, what designates a late model engine? Also would a '68 be a 4 main or 7 main bearing engine. I don't remember if I took the pan off to check before I sent it out for the rebuild. So anyway, will this motor have the small or large dist shaft and will the Dura spark 2 from the '82 Mustang work?

Someone also recomended an MSD box to replace the Fomoco box. What do you guys think?
Howdy HotrodBob:

Your block is indeed a 1968 casting. It should have dual bell housing bolt pattern. It is a 7 main bearing bottom and will accept the DSII distributor just fine. "D" is the vehicile designation, The letter "D" is supposed to reference Falcons, but you will find the "D" letter on Falcon, Fairlane, Comet and Mustang blocks.

The MSD 6A or 6 AL is a fine product. It is a bit pricey at about $140. It can be used in place of, or with the FoMoCo module. MSD markets a wiring harness for use with the DSII system. Some have noted a big performance change and other little or none. An upgrade to a DSII ignition system will give you a marked improvement over the old point distributors. Try that first and see if you think you need more spark.

Enjoy the journey.

Adios, David
Hi David, and as usual you have the answers. Thanks for the input. At least I know I'm on the right track. I may use the Ford box to start with then change over to the MSD if needed. I'm trying to hold down the cost at this point. The engine swap is going on a year now. Engine is done internally and just had the 5 speed mated to the e-van bell housing. Next is the clutch, pressure plate, TO bearing and pilot bearing along with a balance of the flywheel and PP. Will my 170 flywheel work on the 200?

Thanks again for the info.