I am looking for about 225-250 HP for a daily driver, but am not sure about the best way to go. I currently have an 83 mustang 302 put in by the previous owner but am unhappy with the weight of the engine and fuel mileage.

I have been studying the possibilities of the 200, 250 and 2.3 turbo.

To get more than 200HP out of the 200 may be a little more $$ and less drivability than I want.
The 2.3 seems like a really cool idea, but intimidates me and may be little out of my skill range… fabrication and turbo/Fuel Injection wise.

So I think the 250 may be along my line but can I really get 225+HP out of the 250 without going to extremes of $$ or skill?
Can a 250 realistically get 225+HP and still be a daily driver in 100° weather?

What would be the best plan to get that kind of HP out of a 250 and keep a cool running daily driver?
Without some type of power adder, then no. Naturally aspirated, and carb'd about 180-200 HP would be all you could muster out of the 250 (and that would be with an OZ or Argie cylinder head) and not have a headache on your hands each day. I'm not too sure of how well the 250 would fit in the Fox chasis. A custom oil pan and pickup would be on the agenda for sure.

I'd start reading up on the 2.3L
A 250 with a 260 degree cam, a 2V oz head with a 500 cfm 2bbl carb, a 9:1 CR, electronic ignition, and a set of headers should pull close to 200hp. You might be able to get almost the same by mounting a Holley 2 bbl on the log head.

200 hp from a turbo 2.3 is easy though.
Or get in touch with "Ausheads" Phil. Talk to him about crossflow 250s to transplant. This would be cheaper than equivalent HP out of a log head.