All Big Six 6 into 3 triple exhaust

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saw a post about it but also and the matra V12 it has the same configuration where its a pair of cyls with triple out, 1 and 6 were paired, 2 and 5, and finally 3 and 4, i did the math for the exhaust opening events, it adds up but is there really any gain from doing this over running the normal 6 into 2 into 1 or 6 into 1 long tube?


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For a racer maybe, if youve got the coin and time there may be something to be gained. For anything running with a silencer NO, all you need for street driving is low restriction. Cast iron manifolds where the inline six is split into 2 groups of three is all thats needed, good examples are Jaguar six, any BMW or mercedes inline six, they have higher specific output than you are ever likely to get from a ford inline sixer. They both get better than 1 bhp/ci in cooking form.


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In the picture above if I had to guess - and I do - is any gains in the plumbing configuration would be overshadowed by all the exhausts abruptly exiting the head at a 45? degree angle.

The V-12 Formula racer pipes look pretty.
The inline six pipes look... wellll...