Aussie Head Question



So my Aussie Head, Cam, lifters and push rods came in yesterday. Looking at the exhaust port for number 3 and 4 there is some kind of metal line (looks like a metal brake line) inside the port. Both ends go through the head and come out the top. Any idea what this is for?
One more question, where do you guys get gaskets for the intake and carbs?
I read on here a while back that the strange steel line is the equivalent of the steel line in US exhaust manifolds, it allows hot air to be drawn into the carb choke. You may be able to find more info about that if you search on the forum.

8) Sounds like an air pump fitting. Wasnt aware that Oz was using airpumps then. Pumps oxygen into the exhaust port to make any unburnt fuel ignite, reduces emmisions.

As far as gaskets, JD included them with my head. You can go to any hardware store and buy a roll of gasket material and make your own. If you dont want to do that contact AzCoupe and see if he has some extras.
Ron was richtik. It's a preheat tube for the Stromberg WW's auto choke. Tap the holes after drilling, and seal them with socket head grubscrews. Maybe a good way to lock the divider in?

The centre ports (exhaust) are bad for blowing the gasket. This obviously doesn't help that poor carb or alloy manifold. Do what you have to, for a 110% seal.

For that matter, I recommend the ACL 2V gasket set over the Fuel Miser (I think?) one. Don't forget hardened washers under the bolt heads when securing the inlet to the head. The alloy carves up pretty quick. Observe commonsense settings for torquing to alloy with UNC...

Aussie Ford sixes NEVER had smog pumps. The GM variants did. :LOL:

Regards, Adam.