aussie head



what is one WORTH? Lets say, and I am not saying, that there was one on say, Ebay. How much is it worth?



hey, did they sell these heads on any cars in Europe?
If it is getting close to the price that AZCoupe is selling them for on Heads I would have to say that you should buy one from him instead of evilbay. Simply for the fact that he has them, he is a "known good supplier" and you might even feel like buying some extras from him.

But if its cheaper, or even much cheaper keep on a bidd'n

:shock: how much they're worth depends on how bad you want one and how bad the seller wants to sell it!.as far as how much they sell for,in the local trading post,e-bay and swap meets ,they tend to go for $100-$200(oz $$)rebuildable to $300-$400 for a rebuilt stocker and i've seen them advertised around$600-$800 for modified race motors(bearing in mind that the oz $ is about 60c us, so they are still a good buy) :LOL: steve
Hey Steve I would like to know where you are finding them for those prices cause I look in all those places and I NEVER see anything that is worth buying for those prices!!!

It must be hard to get from Portland to the Sydney swaps for 6:00 am starts. ;) These things are always in circulation; many people here still see a 2V as a "trainer" motor for would-be V8'ers.

More seriously, I am interested in the growth of imitation import businesses trying to ride on the coattails of guys like yourself. Some of the ads and claims are good for a laugh. Heck, for 30 grand Aussie, I'll knock up a nice MFP copy from an XB and post it over... :roll:

Disappointed to see all the unmolested early Harleys coming to light and heading offshore. I'll never find a mint panhead now (that's affordable).

Cheers, Adam.
:D mainly in the local trading post magazine and the
"just parts "mag(both on the web)and as adam says,up early to the swap meets. :LOL: