Bad Miss Problem



I am having trouble with my 250. I am getting a bad miss in the engine, and it is the worst when I start excelerating. I thought it was plug wires or spark plugs, but all of those were checked, and they are working fine. I am thinking it could possibly be the carter 1bbl carb, and thought about switching to a new 2bbl. If anyone has any suggestions on thi please let me know.
Howdy Afxtreme03:

It may be best to sort out your miss problem and fix it before you start another project.

While swapping to a 2 barrel has its advantages it is usually not a simple bolt on. If you go forward without certainty that your current miss is carb related you will be compounding the problems related to sorting out and adapting a 2 barrel carb.

Sorry to throw water on your parade, but that's my two cents. It's sooo much easier to solve one puzzle at a time.

Is your Carter one barrel the one that came on your 250?

Adios, David