carb advise



Gave the old stock 1100 one last chance to behave this weekend and never got anywhere. I had hoped to get into some old posts and refresh what I've read about carb replacement choices. Since the old posts don't appear to be accessible yet I'll just ask the question. What I want is something reliable to replace the stock unit. What I remember from previous posts is that I probably want a Carter YF and I should try to get what ever linkage I might need along with it. Anyone have more detail or advise to add?. cars/years to get it from? numbers? things to avoid?
Speaking carbs, I've got a Carter YF on my '77 200 head. Is this a good one for that year head?

Also, I'm seriously toying with the option of slapping on (whip!) a two barrel adapter with a Holley 350 CFM.

Any takes? I know I've asked some options before on this issue but I don't think I asked about the carb. adapter.
Here's my Carter YF swap page, ... _swap.html

The 4th or 5th picture down shows how I had to extend the arm so that it would get enough leverage to acheive wide open throttle. You'll like it over the stock autolite carb.

I personally think that a adapter is better than a 1 Bbl but not as good as mounting the carb directely to the intake. A lot of guy's on hear run the adapters and like them. I personally have never tried one.

You can use your stock linkage....just extend the rod slightly that goes from your old linkage to the extender arm.