Carb rebuild



I just had my Autolite 1100 for my 64.5 mustang rebuilt and the guy who did it gave me some advice:
He told me to replace the tubing from my manifold to the choke because exhaust was getting into the choke spring and frying it.Does this make sense and where can I get a new tube?
Also,he says I got rust in the gas and some just put filters in the line to filter the rust out.Is this the best solution and where is the best location to stick the filter?

8) for filter placement i would put one before the pump and one after if you have a lot of garbage in the tank, and change them often. as for the choke tube, try virginia classic mustang and npd.
npd has it...I think it wa slike $14...Lazy point for not getting up and actually looking. sorry
choke tube NPD

65-68 170, 200
1pc line Part # 9819-3A $9.95
Stainless Part # 9819-3AS $24.95
THe choke heater tube doesn't go into the exhaust stream. The hole in the manifold that it fits into is a passage cast into the manifold that goes thru to the bottom. It draws air from the bottom, heats it, then it is pulled into the choke housing. The only way for exhaust gasses to get in there is if the manifold passage is broken or melted (seen that happen).