carbs swaped and still jerky.........???



on my last post about this i was having a fuel restriction problem. i had a extra new autolight 1100 in the garage and i traded that for my holly 1909 and first wow was my other carb bad or somthing cause that was a good HP increase! :nod: but the problem i was having is still there. i know it has somthing to do with the fuel pressure. :fume: it has this odd jerkyness like its dying, constantly jerking back however it only really does it when i go UP hills witch that must have somthing to do with the fuel pressure??? now since i already changed the carb, fuel filter, fuel pump what els could it be??? i heard someone say that there is a fuel filter in the tank?? is this true? well im gonna take it into a shop where my old shop teacher works and he is really good with fords and loves mustangs so hopefully he will be able to help but if any of you guys have had the same problem before please post a reply i could really use your help. :checks:

ever sence the rebuild this is the only problem i have come into....after this i do beleive it is perfect....... :LOL:


P.S. hey i know that is alot to read but thanks to all that actually mad it all the way through weather you posted or not. :party:

There is a little screen filter on the end of the fuel pickup inside the tank. If there is alot of rust in your tank it could be blocked.
Sorry I can't give you any good ideas on what's wrong.
Don't know if this will help but you said you are desperate. I had a similiar problem, my engine ran great except up hills. I thought it was a fuel delivery problem so I did everything, changed the fuel pump, cleaned the filters, I even drilled the jet one drill size bigger, nothing worked. Dont ask me why because I never thought it could happen, it turned out to be my air cleaner. I guess under a load up hill it just wasnt getting enough air. I changed to a different style air cleaner with a new filter and the problem was gone. Try going up a hill without your air cleaner on. May be worth a try......