Eaton M90


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I was looking at a eaton m90. I think a carb adpater would be easy but!!?
what would it take to make a draw threw pump out of one?
I know in Turbo chargers they have diffent sels for draw threw chargers than the EFI witch is not exposed to fuel at the compressor.
looking at this for towing purposes not racing. so i think a IC is not needed ..I dont want to try to make a IC with a arb setup.

I know i have seen eatons with carbs on them...they look goofy becouse the carbs sit behind the pump not on top. I thought some one would know about seals ect.... I was shure they werent built to have fuel ran threw them but can they be modified too?

8) the oil seal at the ends of the case will need to be changed to ones similar to the 6-71 blowers found on some street machines. i would suggest you contact a place like blower drive service and see if they have what you need.
Did you already fabricate the brackets for your M90? I have an M90 and am working on the bracket now. Any help appreciated. Also, did you use any of the Maganport stuff? Intake, porting, upgrading? Its expensive, but if it takes the M90 from ~45hp to ~80hp, it could be worth the effort (these goes my bonus....) :LOL:
BTW, Charles at Magnum powers says you can run the M90 wet (draw through) and it relives the extra work of adding a pressure pop off...
Are you running your TB before or after the pump.... what else did Charles say about running th pump wet?
He said wet is better, less hassels with maintaining fuel pressure, bypass and so on. Only problem I see with that arrangement is mounting my Holley 500 CFM (its pretty big) on the back of the unit. I need to think this one out........Where were you going to mount the bracket? I was thinking of using the AC pump and coil mounts, but you can always drill the block, its think enough....
When you mention the TB, you mean the throttle body? I was under the impression without EFI, you dont use a throttle body. Just need to make sure there is a pressure relief on the way to the carb. Anyway, I am now leaning toward the "simpler" draw through.
I'm not running EFI,,,and I'm not a TB fan either.
I was thinking of a 500-650 Holley 2 barrel carb and making it for towing and hiway driving. simple low boost, low maintance and good looking.

torque for towing and a flatter power curve sounds good to me.

being able to turn my 295/50R 15's on the back of my 61 .

popping the hood and having a cheesy grin Priceless.

OK folks,
Here I go belaboring the obvious, you got the blower get the EFI system to go with it.
Understand that you have to make mounts and plumbing, that is just hardware.
For the fuel go EFI from a pre'94 3.8 V-6 T-bird SC, It is a port injected system, no problem place the 6 injectors in the plenum as close as you can to the blower discharge, the mixture will be homogenious when it enters the log manifold. If you cut the log off and fab a new manifold then locate the injectors in the normal location.
Use those sensors that are necessary, delete the rest.
I dont have a EFI but i have a load of 350 and 500 carbs.
I was talking about draw threw pumps to a freind and the statment was (Draw threw induction like larger carbs) and i went to a few Hot VW mags and saw the 2.0L motors with 600 and 650 Holleys on mild motors.
So i figured 500 wouldnt be a bad starting point. fromt their i could go smaller or bigger...since the game changes when you add a blower to the motor.

I have ran the same carb on a 79 carbed 2.3L turbo motor in my 72 Pinto~ in the late 80's it was street driven no issue.