Efi build help

Hey, thanks for the add to the forum. I'm contemplating what I need for my 4.9 efi build. I blew my original 4.9 ( I was off roading ) in my 1989 bronco and decided to rebuild it. I bought a second motor and took it apart. I have access to engine machine equipment and I know how to use it. I have a basic rebuild kit with .020 over pistons (I bored and honed the block), I did some mild port work to the heads, plugged the air pump ports in the head. A valve job is soon to follow. Upgraded parts that I have bought add up to the Scorpion 1.73 rockers, and headers. And I also have a 302 truck throttle body that I swapped parts around to fit the 4.9, the manifold will be bored to match the new throttle body. My question is what do you guys think I need for electrical components? I'm looking at 17 lb injectors and a mega squirt system (still need to learn more about the system) what are your guys suggestions? Will 17lb injectors work? And is a mega squirt system going to work?

Btw, whatever the engine makes it makes, I have no specific HP goals for the engine. I just want to put it back in with the factory wiring harness and have it work.
Thank you all in advance!!!


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Hi I moved your post over into the fuel injection forum so more people will see it. :nod: