Hey can someone explaine how to install the DSII??



hey guys, i did read the other topic about ignition but i need to know exactly what is needed for a DSII system to be installed.. i know you need a DSII distributur (DUH!!) :LOL: on the other topic (ignition) i read somthing about you would have to do somthing to the carb or get a later model carter YF carb. I dont really understand the modifaction part that would be needed for the carb i already have? I have a Holly carb.


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Howdy Ponyrider66:

I think you're refering to hooking up the vacuum advance to the carb, or a vacuum source. The difference is that a stock '66 Autolite 1100 carb had a specific vacuum valve on the carb called a Spark Control Valve. It's function was to switch between ported vacuum and full vacuum depending on load conditions. The DSII was designed for a carb (Carter YFs and Holley #1946) with ported vacuum.

The Autolite 1100 does not have a truly port vacuum source. It used a manifold vacuum source when I made the switch. The problem was too strong of a vacuum signal, which necessitated reducing initial advance to avoid ping- not good.

You might try removing the spark control valve and adapting a tube nozzle to that hole and see if it functions as a ported vacuum source. I want to try this too.

Oops! You said you have a Holley Carb? Is it a replacement? What Model? If you have a ported vacuum source, hook the vacuum line to the DSII distributor there. Ported vacuum is above the venturi. Full manifold vacuum is below the venturi. The venturi is the narrowest part inside the carb.

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Allright! Another conversion!

Read my reply to the IGNITION post. that should outline all the parts.

Here are the steps:
1. Remove wires and dizzy cap. Make note of wires and order in which they go to spark plugs.

2. Rotate crank until rotor is perpendicular to the block.
3. Loosen hold down clamp for dizzy and remove dizzy.
4. Test fit D2 dizzy. You might need to file a little off the D2 dizzy shaft (the part that touches the block). i had to just tap a file on it a bit and then lube it down with a little grease. You might also have to put the rotor on and spin the shaft by one spline or so. Make sure that the rotor is perpindicular to the block just like when you removed the other dizzy.

5. Slide dizzy in, attach cap adapter, put rotor and cap on. Attach spark plugs.

6. Mount D2 module to fender and attach wires. Colors should match up.

7. Put the plugs back on.

8. Start engine and tune timing.

Good Luck! If you need any pics, let me know! I can take some and send them quickly.


You mentioned ported vacuum source in your response to ponyrider66. I was wondering if what ponyrider66 is experiencing isn't something that I've been having problems with myself.

I have a 200 block and head from a '77 Maverick (guessing, but it is 77) and it was originally plumbed with a ported vacuum switch but not all three niples where plumbed. The lower of the three was not plugged or capped with a filter. Since my restoration process I still haven't been able to figure out the correct vacuum plumbing to the switch, manifold, dizzy, etc.

I have a YF carb (late sixties) and a dual vac. dizzy (same late sixties). I was wondering if plumbing my car this way would work?


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