High Temp Epoxy for exhaust


I was wondering what temperature range I need for high temp epoxy to put the exhaust port divider in. I know JB Weld holds up to 500 degrees...but is that enough?

What temperature do I need? What is a good brand?


i dont think jb weld will work, i put some on my manifold, where the donut is, trying to stop a leak(not my fault they put the newer engine in with the old downpipe) it just melted off, and i had let it cure for a few days
While some people have reported they were able to use epoxy for this, most have reported it failed miserably. IMHO, the only way to assure your divider won't become an annoying rattle is to either weld it in place or pin it.

There was a recent post that had pictures showing how the user had pinned their divider from above. I had mine welded in place when the head was being done.
Moroso A and B Puddy epoxy has worked for me on a couple of occasions. I have used it on my 67 exhaust port divider and on the exhaust ports of my snowmobile. I actually got a little over zelous with the porting and hit a cooling port. I plastered the hole with the epoxy and I have drag raced on it for years now and never had any problems. The surface must be clean metal for the epoxy to bond to. I like to leave a grain in the metal or scoring against the flow direction. It's great stuff. Try it. if it doesn't work for you, you can always remove the head and have it welded in later. The head can be removed in about a half hour.

Check into the Por15 site. They have putty that is supposed to repair exhaust manifold cracks guaranteed.

Good luck, Ric.
Heh everyone, I can only tell you from my experience that the jb weld will not work. I used it to attach my 2 barrel adapter to the ford adapter, because of broken edges on my 2v adapt. and when I put the H/W carb on started it up, the carb and adapter fell right off and left just the ford adapter bolted to the log. And yes, I let it sit for 2 days hardening before using it. My first and only time using jb weld. Anyone need a little jb weld?